Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends' Society (RCFC)



Welcome to the web site of Richmond Consumer and Friends Society (RCFC) Our web site has recently been re-designed.

RCFC has been in operation since 1995, but has grown substantially since that time with programs such as Recreation, Peer Support and most recently the Chinese Peer Support Companion program.

We are an organization that encourages the participation of people who have experience in the mental health system and we are supportive of members who wish to move along the continuum from volunteer to paid staff. Our new web site will hopefully meet your needs and you will find calendars on it with important dates for recreation and volunteer activities.


RCFC is actively seeking board directors to fill 2 positions. We would like to fill these positions preferably with people who have a strong background in fund-raising and/or business. It is also important that they have an interest in mental health and could be either a friend or family member of a person with mental illness.

Please contact Isabel Ceron, Executive Director at (604) 675-3977 Ext. 1 or by e-mail at for further information.